The Time of My Life

I just finished reading Cecelia Ahern’s latest novel, The Time of My Life and I’m so glad I did.

Whenever I visit our local bookstore, I often peruse the ‘A’ section for any of Cecelia Ahern’s books that I may not have read. So thankfully the other day, her latest, which was actually released late last year – I know, I’m a bit behind the times – was in stock. So I quickly snapped it up and happily to took it to the counter.

While no two books by Ahern are the same, I always enjoy getting to know her characters and I find them likeable no matter how messed up their lives may be. And their flaws are ones I can easily relate to!

Ahern often also cleverly combines elements of the magical in her stories and places them within everyday situations in a way that’s believable and not at all far fetched.

For example, in The Time of My Life, 30-year-old Lucy Silchester meets her Life. In the form of a man whose life isn’t in the best of states.

Sounds crazy, right? Except when Lucy’s life decides to tag along with wherever Lucy goes, no one has any disbelief that he is her Life. In fact, the other characters are intrigued and many of them recall how they saw an interview of a woman on TV who also met her life. As though it were a standard story featured on an episode of something like Sixty Minutes. 

But more importantly is the reason why Lucy has had to meet up with her Life: contrary to what she has been telling herself and others, her life hasn’t bee going so well.

And so begins a sometimes humourous, sometimes sad, exploration into the choices she and others in her life have made that have led up to life as she knows it now.

It may sound corny, but I always feel as though I’ve gone on a wonderful journey after reading one of Ahern’s books. So if you’re looking for a book to read this weekend, I totally recommend The Time of my Life!

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