Craft It!

Craft has somehow, somewhere along the line become cool.

I’m not exactly sure when that was.

I don’t remember it being cool some 6-7 years ago when my housemate would make fun of me for making patchwork wall hangings in the evenings after work (I’ve never been all that keen on TV). In my housemate’s view, only ‘grandmothers’ did crafty stuff like that.

Not so, anymore.

I am blown away by the sheer volume of blogs out there on craft, cooking and all manner of things relating to the home.

I personally think this is great. What better way to tap into our creativity and let go of the day’s worries at the same time?

And if you can be sustainable and recycle old treasures at the same time, even better!

Which is why I was so excited to stumble upon Kelly Doust’s The Crafty Minx while on a rare shopping trip on the weekend.

The beautifully photographed book is full of crafts divided into the four seasons with Kelly inspiring the reader to make use of once loved materials and all sorts of objects from within and outside of the home. With our purses then thanking us in return!

The crafts are relatively quick and easy too. Which is one of my top priorities when it comes to craft. When I’m not teaching, I’ve got piano practice to do, so my crafts need to be quick!

And if you’re looking for a unique gift to give to a friend or loved one, what better gift to give them but something you’ve made yourself!




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