Secret Garden

Music for Your Mood

What do you do when your to-do lists are getting longer and longer and you’re still at the top of the list? Or you’re trying to forget about the ever growing list and just focus on your current task? Except the other tasks are all scrambling for attention at the same time, a bit like a classroom full of children who all want help at once!

If you’re a super organised, super calm person who rarely, if ever, falls into this predicament, I admire you. I really do.

But in case you’re nodding in agreement with me, click play on the Youtube clip below and all your troubles will go away.

Okay, they won’t.

But at least you’ll be bound to feel a bit calmer after listening to this, that your to-do list won’t seem nearly as insurmountable (in my opinion, anyway)!

If you haven’t already scrolled to the Youtube clip and you’re wondering who on earth I’m talking about, it’s the Irish-Norweigian duo, Secret Garden.

I’ve been a fan of theirs for quite a few years now, and whenever I need some help concentrating on a task at hand, I find that breathing a prayer and listening to a song by Secret Garden helps to centre me and I’m able to better focus on the task at hand. I’ve also found it useful as background music when my students at school are doing a writing task.

But I also like listening to Secret Garden for plain old enjoyment! Composed by pianist Rolf Løvland, I just love the whimsical, dreamy music along with the Celtic touch given by violinist Fionnuala Sherry. I really could listen to them for hours on end.

Actually, I have…

The below song, Dreamcatcher, while certainly not their latest, is one of my favourites by this duo.



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