Why I’ve Been Going to Bed Too Late

I’m a bookworm from way back but I have to say I have a love hate relationship with books.

You see, I love to read a good book – who doesn’t?! But the trouble is when it comes to a good book, I have zero self-control.

One more page becomes one more chapter which becomes….well, you get the picture.

So before starting his night shift for work the other night, my husband – who doesn’t exactly share my same compulsion for books, but rather looks on with a sort of semi-amused bafflement at my bookish habits – said to me:

So I guess you’ll be staying up to midnight again reading that book?

Me (shaking head emphatically): Nope. No way. I’ve got to get in a good night’s sleep before work tomorrow.

Him (raised eyebrow): Uh huh.

The following morning. 

Him: So, did you get to bed early last night?

Me (pretending to look enamoured at porridge I’m stirring): Um, well….

Him: Midnight again?

Me: Ah…more or less.

So here’s that book I devoured:



Philippa Gregory’s tale of the relatively untold story of Elizabeth Woodville, the grandmother of Henry VIII, is rather incredible to say the least.

All the ingredients for a good story – drama, intrigue, romance, betrayal, mystery – are there in the bucket loads. As well as the leadership squables between  King Edward IV and his two brothers.

One moment Edward and his brother George are best friends. The next moment George is trying to kill Edward. And then George murders his sister-in-law’s father and brother. And then Edward and George are friends again. But not for long…

Reading The White Queen brings a whole new dimension to sibling rivalry.

But frankly, as an Australian, I found this aspect of the story rather refreshing. It made the recent leadership sagas in government here appear almost trivial in comparison.

There’s nothing like a bit of historical fiction to give you some perspective in modern day life.

And then upon finishing reading this, I discovered Gregory’s next book in the series, The White Princesshad just been released.

Which I’m trying very hard to put off buying because, well you know, I have work and responsibilities and things. I can’t just drop everything for the sake of a book. Right?



Well, I’m just going to have myself a little browse on Amazon for a certain book…but just a browse!

What’s the last book that you read that you couldn’t put down?



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